Collection: Birthday Collection ( Year 1 )

Happy birthday to our CEO and to making it 1 year in business !

As a tribute to making it this far she dropped this collection to describe her. 

The packaging is limited edition ! So grab it while you can. 

Capricorn - is a sparkly lip gloss. With this being her zodiac she feels as though Capricorns help bring the light into people’s lives. 

Lover Girl - is the perfect red lipstick. She has a huge heart and loves with all she has, which describes how this lipstick got her name. 

Gorgeous - is a deep purple lipstick. The CEO herself knows her beauty, why not bring it into life with this lipstick ? 

Favorite - is a 25mm color lash. She’s mainly black with hints of blue just like her sister Flirtatious who has hints of pink. Blue is the CEO’s favorite color.

Winter - is a 25mm color lash with hints of glitter. She’s just like her sister Allure but instead of pink, her hints of glitter is white. Winter is the CEO’s favorite season. 

Angelic - is a 15mm natural lash that looks simply stunning when on. The energy the CEO radiates is always pure and with good intention. Which was how Angelic was born.